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My name is Dianna Wehr. I am determined to create my life through thoughtful action, although I often need reminders and re-boots along the way. I’m an incredibly “normal” person, with an incredibly “normal” life, but I’m trying to identify and create my “best self” and through that, my “best life.”

This website is primarily home to my oft-neglected blog

I don’t have all the answers.

I can’t tell you how to live your life; I’m still figuring out mine! 🥰


My husband Rodney and I have decided to live our lives in a way so that when we’re ancient we will look back on the past with huge grins stretched across our wrinkled faces.

I am, with the support of Rodney, pursuing a satisfied, healthy, long life. In this complicated, contradictory, consumer-driven modern world, I’m devoted to modeling a life I am proud of to our children. I may not always succeed at this goal because I am, after all, an imperfect human. But I’ve decided to make choices towards the life I WANT instead of stagnating in a settled existence that … just … happens.

While Rodney and I pursue our goals as a team, we are also independent leaders of our own lives. This website is solely my endeavor and is home to my personal opinions and thoughts.

More about my blog:

My blog is merely an intermittent and honest account of my actions, thoughts, travels, and blunders as I strive to live more deliberately. Occasionally I add photos or resources I have found particularly beneficial. 

I put my thoughts out into the world as a therapeutic exercise for myself and with the hope that they may strike a chord with someone out there and  perhaps do a little good.

May we inspire and motivate one another in our mutual quest for a deliberately fulfilling life! 

For more background and to learn more about me, visit the About page 😊

I’m excited that you (somehow?!) found me and I can’t wait to connect with you!!


Fall seven, rise eight.

A few months ago I hated myself. My thoughts and actions disgusted me. I couldn’t shake the shackles of my negative thoughts. I wanted to scoop my brain out and start over. I wanted to escape myself and relieve my family of my oppressively negative presence. I didn’t want to be me anymore. For a …

Overwhelming Positive Emotion … From a Cold Shower

If you need a lift in spirits, a giant boost to your mental outlook, an enormous dose of gratitude, I recommend blasting your body with cold water for a couple of minutes. I’m brand new to the Wim Hof Method, but in less than 2 weeks I’m experiencing incredible gratitude and energy and I’m extremely …

Taking Back Control- Step by Stumble

OK, I’m only one week in, and … I feel like I’m slowly gaining control. I know I’m doing something that is getting results. I have to make the choice. I have to commit. It will take time, but I will get there. I will make my body and mind strong and at peace. This …