Hello and welcome!

We are Rodney and Dianna Wehr and we are determined to create our lives through thoughtful action, although we often lose sight of that goal! We’re incredibly “normal” people, with incredibly “normal” lives, but we’re trying to identify and create our “best life.” The original intention of this website was to document and focus a life of deliberosity as we travel and experience the world, and to provide a platform to share and engage with others who also desire to live intentionally. Buuuuuut, mainly, it’s where our blog is posted. It turns out we haven’t been that great at maintaining an online presence … maybe just too wrapped up in living our “normal” life. 

We don’t have all the answers.

We can’t tell you how to live your life.


This website is merely an honest account of our actions, thoughts, travels, and blunders as we (intermittently) strive to live more deliberately. We (rarely) share resources that we’ve found useful and inspiring.  

We (infrequently) put our story out into the world with the hope to connect with amazing people like you, so that we may inspire and motivate one another in our mutual quest for a deliberately fulfilling life. 

We’re excited that you (somehow?!) found us and can’t wait to connect with you!!


Spokane to Cuenca – we made it!

Here I am!! Sitting in the equatorial sun, listening to birds sing (and cars rush by) on the terrace of our rental. 24 hours after leaving Spokane, we arrived safely in Cuenca- feeling like zombies, but with all of our ridiculous, ridiculous amounts of luggage intact and accounted for!! Pyra is so well adjusted to …

Ecuador Again!

Our townhouse is emptied out and we’re checking off the last of our “to-do” items, because … we’re moving! In less than 24 hours. Out of the country. Again. To Ecuador. Yes, moving again after only 5 months in the Spokane, WA area. And while I’m definitely not excited to uproot ourselves so soon, the …

Hello again! A tiny bit of catch-up …

A crowded coffee shop, my Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas music in my headphones to overpower the din of conversation and clatter of silverware. A steaming drink and a sweet treat … still hot, and all to myself, all by myself. Gosh, that sounds selfish! But I need it right now. I needed it all week, and …