You just never know

“I’ve been thinking; selling the rental properties and not having those responsibilities to deal with while we travel would feel really, really good,” Rodney says to me a few days ago. I sit up a little taller and try not to shriek with joy.

“You are absolutely right,” I say in a voice so calm it surprises me. “We would never have to deal with emergency maintenance bills, nightmare tenants, the inevitably disappointing management help … selling would remove all that potential stress.”

I’ve wanted to sell the properties before we take off, but Rod has been hesitant. Whereas I’ve never much enjoyed being a landlord, Rodney grew up helping out with his parent’s property business and was pretty much raised on construction sites. Rod literally cut his teeth on a wrench (maybe that’s why he needed so much orthodontic work later in life? Ha!).  It’s kind of in his blood, and I think he almost feels like it’s just the right thing to do. We “should” own property because it worked out great for his parents. I completely understand, and do agree. I just don’t enjoy being a landlord. Anyway, regardless of our differing preferences, the little bit of real estate that we own is unquestionably a major component of our longterm investments for “retirement.” For all these reasons (and perhaps others), Rod has resisted my inclination to sell off our property and so I dropped the subject. Instead, we’ve been trying to figure out how to best manage the rentals from afar. Ugh. Headache. Sigh. Sigh again.

Buuuuut, low and behold (and fingers crossed), Rodney may be changing his mind?! The lure of a life without major responsibilities lurking around the corner may be drawing him in? Embrace that notion, my dear husband!!

Eeeeeeeeee!!! (that’s me, no longer containing my shriek of joy!)

We would get on the airplane with only our bodies and backpacks. No obligations or responsibilities back at home requiring our attention. Talk about absolute freedom!! We would have endless doors of opportunity in front of us, and we could walk through any one of them without us first having to consider our responsibilities as property owners. If we didn’t want to, we would never have to return to Alaska. We will definitely want to return, but we would never have to.

Is this just a passing thought for Rodney? Will the property management in his blood outweigh the call of absolute freedom? Apparently not. Several days have passed and Rodney’s enthusiasm to sell has increased, not waned.

We have decided. Absolute freedom wins. We will sell our properties.

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