Holey moley! It’s not just talk anymore!!

Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m riding on a whirlwind. I imagine the blustery tornado from “The Wizard of Oz,” lifting up Dorothy’s house, twirling it around, and jettisoning the unsuspecting Dorothy off into another world. It’s a somewhat scary but spectacular world, brimming with self-discovery, new friends, and adventure. It’s not the perfect analogy, but it’s the visual that I’m relating to right now.

Rodney and I have talked and talked, planned and planned, and then talked some more about potential changes to our lifestyle. To be fair, we have made some decent headway and important progress in the last few years, namely in our finances and diet. But we have never taken steps that I would consider to be … dramatic.

Until now.

During our many discussions we always remind ourselves that the lifestyle of our dreams won’t just drop into our laps. It will require decisions and, most importantly, it will require action:

“The unexamined life is not worth living, but if all you’re doing is examining … you’re not living.”

Well, now we’re doing a lot more than just examining. Just this week:

  • we enrolled our daughter in home school
  • we made an appointment with our realtor to put our properties on the market
  • we started to give away our belongings


Whoa, again.

Taking some real action is definitely exhilarating, but it’s also a little … not quite frightening, but … maybe reality-inducing? We find ourselves saying “Oh man, we’re really doing this?!” and “It’s happening!!!”

And then it occurs to me … we’re graduating out of the “big talk” phase. If we truly want to live the life of our dreams, we need to majorly reconstruct our lifestyle and that will require big change. Big change requires much more than big talk.

Maybe we should plan a ceremony, or at least a celebration, because after years of mostly words, Rodney and Dianna Wehr have graduated from Big Talk to Big Action. (Congratulations to ourselves!!)


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