Comfort in Insignificance

When life feels difficult, or even unbearable, remember the importance of perspective. 

I am comforted by my insignificance, by the enormity of time surrounding the flash of my existence. 

Remember that this nearly imperceptible flash is all we get, and that we are the center of our personal universe. You exist for you, and I exist for me. 

I am the center of a massive web of relationships, experiences, and interactions. If we want our web to be woven with love, the center must be at peace and full of love at the core, from within, then reach outward to our surroundings. 

Find your peace. Exalt in your insignificance. 


I wrote this letter to myself sometime in the past. It’s undated, but I’m guessing it was 5-10 years ago. I found it as I was cleaning out files before we left for Ecuador. 

I’ve always felt more comfortable knowing that I’m an insignificant speck in the universe. Of course I still affect the lives of others, impact the environment, and generally play a role here on earth- it’s just a teensy, tiny role. Played out just for a moment. The thing is to make that moment as big and lovely as I can. 

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