Ecuador Again!

Our townhouse is emptied out and we’re checking off the last of our “to-do” items, because … we’re moving! In less than 24 hours. Out of the country. Again. To Ecuador. Yes, moving again after only 5 months in the Spokane, WA area. And while I’m definitely not excited to uproot ourselves so soon, the reason for our move definitely IS wonderfully exciting! We’re moving back to Ecuador for the same basic reasons that we went down in 2018, only this time … it’s a BOY baby that we’re expecting!!

This will be a short post because it’s the morning before we leave, and Little P is about to wake up. Today is a day of last-minute items like confirming that our (7!) checked bags are within weight restrictions and inventoried; meet the carpet cleaners at our rental and then return the keys; take our van to the storage lot; pack the last of our food items to give away; pack up our carry-ons (do we have enough diapers, snacks, and distractions for air travel with a 17-month old?); clean up at our temporary housing at the AirBnB and get to bed early (yeah right) for our 3:15am ride to the airport.

I just wanted to get this post out because it came to my attention that many of our friends and family weren’t actually aware of one or all of the following: that we’re expecting (and I’m already 27 weeks!), that we’re having a boy in May/June, that we are moving back to Ecuador. We plan to stay through until the end of the year and return to the USA for visiting over the holidays. I’m hoping this post reaches all the people who would want to know!

Well, I best be getting myself ready for this very busy day. Baby boy is already kicking at me to get going, and soon there will be a precious toddling girl calling for me. Rodney and I will have our hands full for the next 48 hours … but then we can rest at the equator and take deep breaths of mountain air at 8,400 feet in Cuenca, Ecuador.

One last thought before I sign off and get this day going …

The appreciation we feel for our family and friends could not be greater. We are wildly blessed with good fortune and loving support. We are going to miss everyone so, so, so incredibly much. We have deep gratitude and appreciation for all the help and love we’ve received these last months and in these last weeks and days. You know who you are … you wonderful people. And some of you may not even know how much you make us feel supported with just a few words now and then, but sent with sincerity and intention. From Alaska to Washington and Oregon, California and Arizona, south to Ecuador, across the oceans to Spain and Germany, and in so many places in-between … our support network is wide, deep, and rich with love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

NEXT STOP: Cuenca, Ecuador!!!!

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