Spokane to Cuenca – we made it!

Here I am!! Sitting in the equatorial sun, listening to birds sing (and cars rush by) on the terrace of our rental. 24 hours after leaving Spokane, we arrived safely in Cuenca- feeling like zombies, but with all of our ridiculous, ridiculous amounts of luggage intact and accounted for!!

Pyra is so well adjusted to her nap routine at home in her bed that she had a really hard time sleeping during travel. During 24 hours of travel, she got about 6 hours of sleep. And I suppose you can guess: mom and dad got much less sleep. But we made it! And Pyra is currently napping soundly in her bed after an excellent night’s sleep. Man do we love her little travel bed. (Hummingbird chirping up a storm just above my head … and a little bird that looks like a miniature dove just flew into the garden).

We didn’t venture out much yesterday after our 6:30am arrival. But we did go out for our first “almuerzo” just a couple blocks from where we are staying. “Almuerzo” is one of our favorite culinary traditions here: an inexpensive set-plate lunch. Yesterday’s almuerzo was a $3 variety that was an exceptional value: fresh juice, lentil and sausage soup, rice, potatoes in sauce, some kind of stewed pork in a sauce, a tiny salad, and a tiny cookie. Man do I love almuerzo!!! The ability to walk from home to a $3 very-filling meal is the best!

Poor Pyra was out of sorts most of the day, but she loved waving and interacting with all the people while we were out and about. I heard her say “hola” for the first time: melt my heart!!! It was to a little boy at the restaurant that she was interacting with through a window 🙂 Later she smiled and waved a lot to the other kids at the park. There is a nice little neighborhood park just two blocks from where we are staying. Parks here are so awesome because they are well-attended by families, as residential yards and green spaces aren’t so common inside the city. Most parks are well-maintained and well-used. It’s one of the main (and favorite) ways we can “naturally” interact with locals.

Rod has his work station set up, and is plugging away, but the internet is a woeful affair in our rental. We were completely spoiled in our previous rental in Cuenca; it had the fastest internet any of our local friends had heard of. But we’ll get things figured out. We have this rental for one month while we look for more permanent accommodations. I suppose it’s time to start hunting. Ugh.

Another thing we need to look into is OB care and where to give birth this time around. We’re not sure if we want to go the same route as last time … I feel like I want a little more medical presence, although I don’t want to give up all the autonomy and flexibility we had before. We never visited a hospital the last time we were here, we may do that this time, just to get a better sense of what is available. Our little guy (little because he has at least 3 more months to bake, and little because he’s supposedly on the small side for his gestational age: 22nd percentile) isn’t expected for several more months, but I want to feel the security of having some kind of plan and support system in place, and the sooner the better.

Well, the equatorial sun is so fierce here that I need to go back inside to cool off. Only my legs and feet are in the sun, but dang is it hot when it’s out! The sun is super intense at this latitude and elevation, and it scorches quickly. We plan to go get Pyra a better sun hat later today; Rod and I still have ours from our last visit.

I’ll try to get photos on this blog and the Facebook page as the internet connection and Little P allow. Wish you all could be here on the terrace with me!!!! Big hugs and kisses from Cuenca.

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