Cold Water Therapy

I’m taking the plunge. Literally.

Into freezing-cold water. More than once. For more than a minute or two.

It might sound odd, but this is a gift to myself. A gift to build my physical and mental health, my confidence; it’s also a gift to the adventurer in me who has been buried a little too deep for a little too long.

In January, I will be joining a multi-day workshop for in-depth Wim Hof Method training and experience. It will include several in-nature cold water experiences. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I’ll also be attending a one-day workshop in the next month to help my practice in the interim.

There was a time when I willingly swam in icy rivers and oceans, but that time was many, many moons ago. I have become fearful of the discomfort of cold. And I REFUSE to live in fear and indoors while the brilliant, frozen world is waiting for me to return. I will teach my kids to respect AND enjoy the winters of Alaska. I will teach myself to enjoy them again.

I needed help to fan my inner fire. To find my motivation and get myself moving. And so here I am, signed up to sit my sweet, not-so-little bum in ice water. The motivation factor is already working. I did breathwork this morning and a 30-second cold shower- it was not easy and man, did my scalp was tingle! 30 seconds in a cold shower is a LOT different from an icy plunge into water in wintry nature … but it’s also a LOT more than sitting on my cozy couch sipping coffee and only thinking about upping my WHM practice. (here’s a link if you want to learn more about the Wim Hof Method)

With love and gratitude,


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