About Rodney & Dianna

We are Rodney and Dianna Wehr.

February 2017. On the road to “Nowhere,” Albania. Frightening road conditions stymied our plans, but we were enjoying life nonetheless!!

Together we have decided to live our life in a way so that when we’re ancient:

We will look back on the past with huge grins on our wrinkled faces!

We are pursuing a satisfied, healthy, long life. In this complicated, contradictory, consumer-driven modern world, we’re devoted to modeling a life we are proud of to our children. We may not always succeed at this goal because we are, after all, imperfect humans. But we’ve decided to make choices towards the life we want instead of stagnating in a settled existence that … just … happens.

The Past

We both grew up in Alaska. We met in 7th grade, went to the same high school, and we even danced together at senior prom. Nonetheless, our paths lay along divergent trajectories – or so it seemed. For about 10 years, we made our separate ways through the world, with marriages, graduate studies, oceans and continents between us. And then, in 2010, our paths intersected again … right back in the same small town where we first met. Since then we’ve forged our way together.

We started this website back in 2017, when we had decided as a couple to move past the years of heartache and emotional turbulence caused by infertility and to give up trying to have a biological child of our own. Instead, we wanted to refocus our energy into creating a life of less stress and more “living.” At that time, we planned to leave Alaska in August of 2018 to pursue the lifestyle changes we had been dreaming of: an indefinite period of slow travel with the goal to merely live fully and deliberately.

Only a few short months after typing out those plans (and purchasing the one-way, non-refundable tickets to Europe), we found out that a) we were pregnant again, and b) this pregnancy seemed to be holding on for the long haul. We couldn’t believe it, we were really going to have a baby!!!! Instead of throwing out our travel plans completely and sinking back into “normal,” we moved down to Ecuador to regroup and to have our baby girl. After 5 months at the equator, we spent 6 months visiting family in Alaska and California and visiting old friends and making new ones in Europe. We tried “settling down” in Spokane, WA which lasted all of 6 months and now we’re back in Cuenca, Ecuador … expecting bundle of joy #2 any day now!

The Future

We don’t know exactly what lies ahead; we’re continually adjusting our short and longterm goals.

* Originally posted on 16 November, 2017. Updated 28 January 2020. and again May 7, 2020.