TED Talks and other Videos

Modeling and instilling a growth mindset is a high-priority goal for me. I believe that it’s only with a growth mindset that we can reach our full potential and lead our happiest life.

This talk has a twist on the “downsize your life” spiel- Ester Stoel lived naked on a deserted island for awhile! I really appreciate her closing line : “You can have the biggest and most beautiful cup in the world, it’s still about the quality of the coffee you put in it.”

This video is as hilarious as it is inspirational. Shawn Achor provides specifics for how to re-define our idea of creating happiness.

This one surprised me; I thought the video would be about gaining freedom by getting rid of physical clutter. Kerry Thomas digs deeper into the psychological and emotional effects of a “full life,” and relates all types of clutter to delayed decision making. Kerry provides some simple and beautiful reminders that we’ve included on the quote page.

In this brief talk, the speaker, Adam Leipzig takes Plato’s assertion that, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” and then stretches it a little further, into what I consider to be a much more complete and relevant statement. Or maybe it’s a warning.